Bonds Isa-Brown

Bonds Isa-Brown hens are very friendly and great egg layers.


They will lay approximately 300, large brown- shelled eggs each per year.


Their quiet temperament makes them a good choice for your backyard and are ideal for children.

Bonds Black

The Bonds Black is an Australorp cross, high egg production hen. 


They will lay approximately 280, large brown-shelled eggs each per year.


They have a quiet temperament making them well suited to your backyard.

Bonds White

The Bonds White hen is a Leghorn cross.

They are more economical to feed.

They lay approximately 300 eggs each per year. The Bonds White lays a white to off white shelled egg weighing about 60 grams.


They are more flighty than the Bonds-Isa Browns and Bonds Black hen

Our Bonds-Isa Brown, Bonds Black and Bonds White hens are raised together. All three colours of hen will live together harmoniously.


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