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Isa-Brown/ Hy-Line

 Isa-Brown/ Hy-Line hens are very friendly and great egg layers.

They will lay approximately 300, large brown- shelled eggs

each per year.

Their quiet temperament makes them a good choice for your backyard and are ideal for children.


Layer Mash (17% Protein)

Buy the feed that our hens are raised on.

 Central West Poultry Layer Mash is a complete, nutritionally-balanced diet made for laying hens.

It contains the proteins, calcium, shell grit and micro-nutrients required to keep your hens happy, healthy and laying.

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No Fuss Waterer and No Fuss Feeder

The No Fuss Waterer holds 3.5 litres of water in an enclosed PVC pipe with a nipple drinker on the bottom. Water is kept clean in the enclosed pipe and the hens can't knock the container over.

Mounting brackets are included - screw the waterer to a post at about knee height and the hens walk underneath and look up to drink.

The No Fuss Feeder is simple but effective, made from PVC - it will last. The hens can't scratch the feed out of the feeder cutting down on wastage and the mounting brackets are included.

Check our our deliveries page for information about how you can collect your new hens and accessories

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