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Located in Central Western NSW between Gilgandra and Dubbo; Central West Poultry is a family run business
Owned by Ian and Pauline Freeth, we raise premium Isa Brown/ Hy-Lines, 
Black hens and White laying hens to 18 weeks of age - this is when they start laying eggs.
Our pullets are raised in sheds with weather protection and netting-enclosed yards.

Isa Brown/ Hy-Lines, Black hens and White hens are well known for their

high egg production and gentle temperament. 


Hens are fully immunised and not de-beaked.

High egg production makes them a good choice for people wanting chooks in their garden.

Their gentle temperament makes them ideal for children. 


We specialise in small orders. We are more than happy to provide you with only one hen or as many as you need. 


Our hens are raised in the Central West and are therefore well suited to the heat of summer and cold winters,

allowing them to adjust quickly to their new homes.

Our aim is to produce healthy and well grown hens in a natural environment

as their health and happiness is very important to us.

This is so that they are ready to start laying when we sell them.

Our Team
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